Why I’m doing 12 Days of Christmas

Why Christmas and not Happy Holidays?

Simple. I celebrate Christmas and since I'm giving away presents, that would mean that I get to decide what to call it 🙂 If someone gives a gift, it's for a reason. Christmas is my reason.

I love this time of year. I love it when friends invite me to their celebrations (Hanukkah is one of my favorites and I'm always honored and excited whenever I get to experience it.)

I want everyone to be included.  So, if you don't celebrate Christmas, that's okay! You can still have presents! I still want to give them to you. This is me celebrating my traditions and including my friends. I just want to give away stuff! 

Please come and join in my celebration. I'm inviting you, regardless of what holiday you do or don't celebrate to come and celebrate mine.

So happy holidays, everyone! Be sure to go to my Facebook page so you can enter to win some of my presents!

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