Upcoming Books

For those of you who missed my Facebook announcement, I'm pregnant!

This is baby number two for the Lake house and we are very, very excited.

The only downside, my brain is preggo baby mush. Being pregnant is like walking through a fog, except no one else sees the fog- they just see you moving slow and stumbling. Yay, hormones!

I am working as hard as I can on the next Kisses book (it's at least outlined!) and I am almost done with the first book of a new series (which will be AWESOME). Both will be released in January, so make sure to save one of your Amazon gift cards for them!

I will also be releasing a refinished and complete novel containing all of the “Woman of the Billionaire's Dreams” novellas. (Also coming in January)


Basically, a lot of good things are coming in January. (Except the baby. He's coming in late March)

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