The Arrangement: Miss Black Part 2

Have you been waiting to find out what happens to Miss Black and Sean Ferro? Well things are about to get hotter. Part 2 of 3


From the New York Times bestselling author of Saltwater Kisses…

Miss Black met the man of her dreams two days ago, the charming and devastatingly sexy Sean Ferro. However, he didn't know that she was actually an escort working for Miss White. the Madam of New York.

When Miss Black shows up for an escort service he requested, he storms out, unable to bear the thought of his new girlfriend cbeing a whore. He soon comes to his senses and confesses his love for Miss Black.

However, events conspire that will try to force the two apart. When a figure from Sean's past threatens to expose Miss Black's secret to Sean, will it drive them apart? When Miss Black learns the secret of Sean's sexual appetites, will it cause her to leave him in disgust? And will Miss Black's Madam allow her to quit this job so that she can be together with Sean?

Most important, will the calculating mind of Miss Black be responsible for the heartache of a broken engagement?

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