Amazon’s Glitch and Champagne Kisses

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So very frustrated with Amazon this morning.

I published Champagne Kisses on Friday. It went live and free and everything looked wonderful. The reviews and the emails were telling me that this was everyone's favorite book yet- I was so incredibly excited.

And then Amazon let me down.

My book never got a ranking, despite having sales. Now, that doesn't seem like a big deal at first, until I explain that means I don't get on any lists. Ranking is determined by sales and then Amazon lists the top performers on their lists. Without ranking: No top 100, no Hot New Releases, no Top Romance, nothing- no matter how many sales.

In the world of amazon, it was as though I never made a single sale. This is a big problem because that is how their search engine and readers find a book. Unless you looked specifically for “Champagne Kisses by Krista Lakes”, the book never showed up in searches or even categories. I emailed Amazon multiple times and the weren't able to do anything about it.

This is how I feed my child. This is how I pay rent and make a living. If no one can find my book, then I don't make any money. If I don't make any money, then I have to find another way to provide for my family.

I had hoped switching it out of Free early would fix the problem. It didn't. So, my only solution was that I had to completely un-publish the book. Which I HATE. I HATE that I had to tell readers that it was gone, that I changed plans, that they have to wait. HATE IT.

I am waiting to see when Amazon fixes this little glitch of theirs. I know several other authors that are having the same problem. No categories and no ranking mean no one can find their books. It appears to only have happened to newly published books, so hopefully this will get fixed quickly.

Until then, I can only apologize. I am so sorry to you, the readers and fans, that I had to pull it early. My husband and I spent hours last night debating what we should do and this was really our only option at this point. I'm hoping to get it back up as soon as possible (complete with more free days) and in the meantime I am pouring my frustrated energy into Freshwater Kisses.

Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding at this time. I really appreciate everything you all do for me and my books and I can't apologize enough for this. Thank you all.