October Madness

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Whew…. This fall is going by so fast! There has been a lot on my plate the past few weeks, and I am finally getting to the end of it… but that means I'll be going back for seconds soon!

First, a big thank you to everyone who has purchased and reviewed Champagne Kisses. After Amazon's little stunt of not giving it rank, I was really worried about it. I can't thank everyone who supported it enough. Thank you.

Second, I need to apologize for the delay on Freshwater Kisses. I had planned to get it out on Oct. 19th, but then my husband got sick. There is nothing like taking care of a grown man puking his guts out while a little boy looks on with disgust. Needless to say, I didn't get much done this past weekend and am now really glad everyone is feeling better. I am going to get it out as soon as possible!

Third, the BBW Romance Boxed Set. This one just makes me mad (and will probably get its own blog post in the near future). I have many friends in the Indie Romance world- the Insatiable Reads crew is FANTASTIC. As such, we share numbers. The BBW Romance Boxed Set outsold the Rock Star Romance Boxed Set as well as TWO other authors, all of whom made the USA Today and NYT Bestseller list. But the BBW folks didn't- and NYT and USA Today won't tell us why, even when confronted with the fact that we KNOW the numbers. The amazing Audrey Rose wrote this open letter, and it says all the things I want to say. NYT and USA Today DO NOT SHOW THE ACTUAL BEST SELLING BOOKS!!!!¬†Mainly though, it has me seeing red and really put a down on my day. ūüôĀ

Fourth,¬† I am re-releasing¬†“Fire Always Burns”. It's new title is Burned, and it has a new cover, new edits, and new stuff! (That's been keeping me busy too!)

Fifth (I told you there was a lot going on!) ,Saltwater Kisses¬†has been translated into German!¬†(Link coming soon) I am just fixing up the cover (Holy Cow are German words long!) but I am super excited to see it in another language ūüėÄ

Sixth, another Boxed Set! A friend of my mine calls the sets “author sample packs”. This one is all about Billionaires! My addition is “Woman of the Billionaire's Dreams”. There will be a volume 2 coming out in a couple of weeks, so pick that one up too!BoxSetARe
Amazon Billionaire Romance Boxed Set
Barnes & Nobel Billionaire Romance Boxed Set

And lastly, PRIZES!!!! There are two rafflecopters going on with some awesome prizes. Check them out! (all you have to do is click “like” on Facebook to enter!)
1.  a Rafflecopter giveaway (Indie Bookworm Pub: 5 $10 gift cards!

2. a Rafflecopter giveaway ($50 gift card and 20 Romance Books)

Whew…. It's been a busy week. Now time to go focus on Robbie and Sam and get their edits done!

Saltwater Kisses!

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It is published! Saltwater Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story is available for purchase on Amazon!

A Billionaire Love Story

Starting at midnight PST it will be FREE until Wednesday June  26th. After that, it will be $0.99 for a limited time, so be sure to pick your copy up early!

As always, reviews are greatly appreciated. If you enjoyed the book, please let others know so they can enjoy it too!