Sunrise Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story

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No better way to start off the day than with Sunrise Kisses…

A man and woman sitting in waves on the beach. The woman has beautiful red hair catching the sunlight. Book quote : "I've never liked the dark, but with you, it's tolerable," he whispered, his voice cracking slightly. He caressed my cheek again, his fingers soft with regret. "In fact, I think I could get used to the dark if you were there with me. Possibly even enjoy it."
I could get used to the dark with you.

This book is my retelling of a Beauty and the Beast style story. She's got to save her father from the horrible monster. There's a Gaston bad-guy character. There are loveable sidekicks. There's art. There's a deformed man who is cold at first but then warms to love.

This is part of the Kisses series! It's a standalone novel, but there are character cameos from other Kisses novels!

black and white photo of man and woman kissing on beach. Book quote: I closed the last centimeter, pressing my lips into his. His lips were so soft against mine that I forgot entirely what I was doing.
That's a good kiss.

Ava Fairchild was sure that she'd never find love.

Seemingly lost in a sea of self-pity, she was delighted when her appraisal company was given a job in the Caribbean. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to appraise Sebastian Belrose's billion-dollar estate seemed to be exactly what she needed to relax and enjoy herself.

A walk to the beach at dawn gave her a first impression of the billionaire himself, paddle boarding on the gentle waves. He was reserved and mysterious, and Ava wanted to know all of his secrets. His evasiveness and the fact that he forbade her from traveling to his Study just added to his allure, while simultaneously reminding her about the secrets that destroyed her last relationship. Still, every sunrise that they shared together made her fall more desperately in love with him.

But Bastian had a reason for keeping to himself. And as Ava saw the scars that criss-crossed his body, she knew that what she had found was a soul not unlike herself. A man who had been damaged. A man who deserved to trust. A man that deserved to love, and to be loved. Would this beauty be able to tame the beast, or would they be left with just memories of sunrise kisses?

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