Sandcastle Kisses: a billionaire love story

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I love Izzy and Noah!

I have wanted to be a marine biologist for as long as I can remember. I found this research opportunity in Bimini and working there with the sharks is totally on my bucket list. (It's the Bahamas and not the Caribbean, but I think it's close enough!)

I love sharks. I think they are so incredibly cool and the marine ecosystem has fascinated me since I was a kid. The Shark Lab in Bimini has volunteer opportunities to work with sharks! Someday, I will be a research volunteer here!

But, since I write books about billionaires, there had to be a billionaire with a shark girl! Thus, a greedy hotel tycoon trying to take over a natural habitat was the perfect match for my marine biologist heroine!

And for those of you with small children, the name Izzy is from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This is what happens when I try and come up with names while my children are binge watching TV.

As always, this novel is a standalone in the Kisses series!

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Sandcastle kisses, billionaires, sharks, marine biology, and love. This book has it all!

“How about this, then? I'll tell you what I do when I leave,” he said.

“Then I hope I never find out.”

When Isabel Baker agreed to moonlight as a bartender at a private party, she never imagined she'd get anything more than tips. However, on this resort island, nothing was ever that simple.

After tending bar with the deliciously handsome Noah who was flown in for the party, Izzy realized that she was about to break her number one rule: never fall for a tourist. But with his quick wit, charming smile and passion for marine life, Noah was the kind of guy that she couldn’t resist. At the end of the night, she barely managed to turn him away from coming home with her.

Noah had only come to the island for one of Jack Saunders' famous parties. Yet once he met Izzy, he couldn’t bring himself to leave. After one steamy night together, he knew that he would do almost anything to keep her.

Theirs should have been an easy love story, complete with a happily ever after. Except Noah was also moonlighting as a bartender that night and his true identity threatened Izzy’s research. When his billion-dollar company and her marine research project collide, their entire relationship crumbles into the sand. Will they be able to rebuild their beautiful sandcastle together, or will it be washed away by the rising tide, forever just a memory?

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