Krista’s ARC Team

Do you want to read the latest Krista Lake book before everyone else? For free?

Advance Reader Copy (ARC) team members get my book before it's published so that you can leave a review on Amazon when it becomes available. The reviews on Amazon are critical to the book being a success, so that's why I'm happy to give books to my most loyal and amazing readers.

I'm always looking for new ARC readers. All you have to do to join is email my assistant (zirconia.lauren(at) and tell her you want to join! She will add you to a secret Facebook group where you'll get notes and inside scoop on all the books. And, if you aren't on Facebook- don't worry! You can still join!

What are the benefits to being an ARC reader?

  1. Free e-books before they are published!
  2. Free signed copies of the newly released books
  3. Prizes and giveaways

It's super easy and fun to be an ARC reader!



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