Kindle Worlds: The Arrangement

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I was asked to participate in an exciting new thing Amazon has just come out with: Kindle Worlds Romance


Kindle Worlds is a place where writers can write stories in other people's worlds. It's kind of like fan-fiction, but with payment.

I had an idea for the backstory of Miss Black from HM Ward's The Arrangement series. As Ms. Ward is the creator of the universe, I could never have written a book about it and put it up on Amazon before this. I could have written it and put it up on a fan-fiction site, but that would be the extent of it.

But with Kindle Worlds, I was able to write it and put it up on Amazon. With Ms. Ward's permission (I even got the cool Arrangement graphic for the cover!)

I currently have 3 parts planned (as Kindle Worlds only allows 25K word max stories and I currently have over 50K written). Be sure to check them out as the come out!

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