How to Find Paid and Free Erotica!

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I started out writing erotic romance, and even though I am moving more towards more traditional romance, I still have some wonderful connections in the erotica world. Amazon's adult filter is hurting their sales (and thus their livelihoods). These erotica writers have some real creativity and if you think erotica is easy- try writing some. Erotica has been around for as long as the written word because sex is always interesting. If you haven't tried reading erotica, I would suggest trying some- even if it only makes you giggle. There is some really amazing, classy stuff if you know how to find it. (And look a book to help you find it!)


“How To Find Paid and Free Erotica, Erotic Works, and Sex Stories!” by Mercy Faulk is a FANTASTIC FREE guide to find the sexy stuff you may be looking for.  There are hundreds of types of fetishes and kinks, so give this book a read if you are even curious what kind of erotica is out there.  (BDSM, minotaurs, werewolves, tentacles, gay, straight, aliens, sleeping,- you name it there is a story)

So if you are even remotely curious about Erotica, check out this guide! (IT'S FREE!)


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