How I Started Writing

Some of you may be surprised to learn that Krista Lakes is a pen name. (I know, shocking) I write in other genres other under pen names, one of which is erotica. Writing erotica is actually what got me into the writing business. My husband was on his second year-long deployment and to keep our relationship alive and hot, we would write sexy stories to one another. When he came home, jobs in the civilian world were in short supply and we started looking for other ways to increase our revenue.

We heard about this crazy new thing called self-publishing and that people were making decent money writing erotica. Since we already had these stories written, we went ahead and published them, not really expecting much. But then they sold. And sold. And sold so much that I was able to stay home with my son and my husband was able to quit his terrible, soul sucking job at the bank dealing with foreclosures.

Erotica saved us.

A writing friend then encouraged me to branch into romance. I had written the equivalent of several novels in erotica, but the idea was daunting. I did it. Burned (known then as Fire Always Burns) was my first real novel. The novel did not do well, but I knew I could do better. The next book was Saltwater Kisses and the rest is history.

I still write in erotica. If you want to get practice writing, write a sex scene. It is actually a lot harder than it sounds. The first time, you'll blush and giggle and feel incredibly silly. Then you'll read it and realize that the action is all wrong and the descriptions aren't nearly enough. So then you try again. It's like writing an action scene and it requires attention to detail and a lot of creativity.

(Hint: It's also an AMAZING way to spice up your sex life. Try writing a sex scene sometime and see what happens.)

I know Erotica isn't everyone's cup of tea. It's a sad state of the US that violence and graphic murders are acceptable (something you hope your children will never see) but that sex is considered evil and should be hidden (something your children will see and should be familiar with.) TV shows, movies, and books with graphic and gory murders and violence (CSI, Dexter, GoT, Super-Heroes, and more) are common fare, while a single butt shot of a consenual sex scene is considered extremely risque. I hope my child never encounters a murder, but I would like him to get married and have a family someday. Unfortunately, our media will have him prepared for the murder, but not the marriage.

Erotica gets a bad rap, but I am a firm supporter of the written word in any form that isn't hate filled. Sex isn't bad. It's a part of life (a really important one since it makes life possible).

I love writing erotica. I love writing romance. I love writing fantasy. It's all just writing, and each genre uses my brain and creativity.

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