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I have joined the Radish platform! (And will have NEW books on there!)

A few weeks ago, Radish came to me and wanted to put “The Billionaire Baby Arrangement” up on their platform. It's retitled as “The Billionaire CEO's Baby” on their platform. (Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important!)

I am loving the response from readers there, so I'm putting up a bunch of books on their site.

There's even a couple of new books coming!

What is Radish?

Happy Radish Dance!

You download the app and then read books chapter by chapter! Many chapters are free or will be free after a short wait time. If you don't want to wait, you can purchase coins and buy that chapter now!

(Click here to go to Radish!)

What does this mean for readers?

Both the Stepbrother novels (Stepbrother's Gift and Stepbrother Hero) are already up on Radish! Since Amazon doesn't like “stepbrother” books, I wasn't able to keep them there. They are available on Radish, though!

In the next few weeks, I'll be publishing two NEW novels on Radish! I wrote them under a different pen name, but they fit the Radish model so nicely that I want to share them there as Krista instead! I will also be publishing them on Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo.

What about Kindle Unlimited (KU)?

For now, the Kisses books, the Kinds of Love, and the Billionaire and Brides books are all staying in KU, though you should borrow them now if you want to be able to use your KU subscription to read them.

If you're reading on Radish, the titles may be different.

I'm so excited about being on a new platform and finding new readers! These two billionaire baby books are going to do great on their platform and I'm so excited to get them new readers!

The Character Couch

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I am super stoked for this 😀

After lots of planning and emails, it's finally ready for you guys! The Character Couch Saltwater Kisses edition!

You can check it out here (http://charactercouch.com/SaltwaterKisses.html)

TCC Saltwater Kisses

Between Tracy and I, we will be giving out $80 worth of gift cards just for commenting! (4 $10 gift cards for the first four comments, and then 4 more $10 gift cards for randomly selected comments :D)

Be sure to check it out! (and check out the rest of the Character Couch website– lots of good stuff there!)