A Secret Baby For My Professor

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A Secret Baby For My Professor is now available on Kindle Vella and Radish. New chapters will be added daily in August!

A Secret Baby For My Professor is now available on Kindle Vella and Radish!

Starting the second week of August, new episodes/chapters will be added daily!

I never thought I'd end up a submissive. . .

I never thought I'd fall for an older man. . .

I never thought I'd lose my virginity to him. . .

I never thought I'd be the girl that sleeps with her professor. . .

I never thought I'd have to sneak around, keep our relationship a secret so that he wouldn't lose his job. . .

But most of all, I never thought I'd give him the greatest gift of all. . .

A baby.

This is a serial novel (sold chapter by chapter) available on Kindle Vella and Radish. It is a slow-burn professor/student romance that gets VERY spicy.

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Why are all the titles different on Radish?

Well, each platform uses different search engines. The different titles are to make it easier to find on that platform!

Here's a list of the changed titles so you can find them on Radish (or on Amazon!)

TikTok Dear FBI

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I'm just an author. ##authorproblems ##authorresearch ##romancebooktok

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Here's the Amazon link for my book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CRSRBR9

If you're looking for a book like it, but in KU, the stand-alone sequel “A Midwestern Cinderella” is here: https://www.amazon.com/Midwestern-Cinderella-Royal-Love-Story-ebook/dp/B08QPSM4WZ

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A Midwestern Cinderella

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A Midwestern Cinderella follows Wisconson native Zoey Miller as she falls in love with Prince Frederick of Paradisa!

Apple preorder: https://books.apple.com/us/book/a-midwestern-cinderella-a-royal-love-story/id1544927745

Amazon Preorder: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QPSM4WZ

Also, if you're a blogger come sign up for the tour! https://bit.ly/AMidwesternCinderellaEVENTS

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Single Dad’s Surrogate

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Single Dad's Surrogate is now available!

A month ago, Radish invited me to their application. I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to sell books, so I decided to give it a try. I'm having a blast with their read-by-the-chapter model. It's a slightly different style of writing (each chapter is under 4k words and needs to end on a cliffhanger to entice readers to buy the next chapter!).

I wrote “Single Dad's Surrogate” under a different pen name, but it fits so well under the Radish design that I wanted to bring it back to Krista.

So, I did!

The book is now published on Radish, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple.


I hope you enjoy reading about a former surrogate mother turned nanny turned love interest!


Escape With Me

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There is love after 40.

They say life begins after 40, but Cassie ain't feelin' it. Divorced and feeling trapped by her job, she wants to let loose for her friend's tropical beach wedding. She decides to let her hair down and get a little unpredictable. That's when she meets a handsome bartender, Wyatt.

Despite a few grey hairs, Wyatt's the liveliest man that Cassie has ever met. She knows that there's got to be more to his life story than just being a bartender, but this is just supposed to be a vacation fling. And after sunny days spent breaking all the rules on the beach together, Cassie realizes that nobody has ever listened to her the way that Wyatt does.

His carefree life is enviable, his kisses are intoxicating, and she can almost imagine a life with him. But all vacations come to an end. And when Cassie invites him to visit her hometown, Wyatt reveals that he can never go back. Not to her town. Not to America. Not to civilization.

Cassie leaves, confused and heartbroken, wondering just who she got herself involved with. Suddenly, her predictable life gets turned upside down when she sees her picture splashed across the Internet. And when the tabloids come looking for the mature woman who found the lost billionaire, she has no idea what to do…

…until he comes back.

Christmas Wishes

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Cover of book shown in e-reader and print version. Words "now available in Kindle Unlimited" to the right.
Book cover: A man embracing a woman, both in winter gear. A winter wonderland is behind them. Title: Christmas Wishes
A Hallmark-worthy small town Christmas Romance now available in Kindle Unlimited!

Molly absolutely loves Christmas. Candy canes, egg nog, mistletoe, the works. She can’t get enough of it. And so it’s only natural that she works at the local Christmas store, Christmas Wishes.

But when the Scrooge-like Nicholas comes to town, looking to sell his father’s business out from under him, it looks like Molly’s dream job is disappearing. Worse yet, she’s starting to fall for Nicholas, despite everything telling her not to.

With one last chance to save the store, Molly appeals to the power of Christmas itself, attempting to convert Nicholas to seeing the beauty of the holiday. Can Christmas magic really make Christmas Wishes come true?

Fans of Hallmark Christmas movies will be swept away by Christmas Wishes, a small-town standalone holiday romance with mistletoe and magic. Grab a glass of eggnog, sit by a warm fire, and enjoy!


NEW RELEASE: Coming July 12, 2019

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The newest, hottest book of the summer by Krista Lakes! Pre-order your copy today!

Available on all major retailers

The man I love is getting married. And it isn't to me.

I've been in love with Jonathan for as long as I can remember. I loved him as a girl. I loved him as a teenager. I loved him as an adult. I love him still.

But he doesn't love me. How could he? He's a billionaire and I'm just the butler's daughter. But when I attend a party in my Gucci dress and fancy heels, he sees me in a whole new light.

And it couldn't have come at a worse time. His high-powered wedding is in two weeks.

It falls to his older brother, Christopher, to protect Jonathan from himself. As always. And this time, that means spiriting me away and tempting me with my dream job on a tropical island.

Here, I learn that Christopher is so much more than I ever gave him credit for. He gets me in a way no man ever has. His body completes me in ways I didn't even know possible. And the way he looks at me makes me think he could be the one.

I've always been in love with Jonathan, but now that I've been with Christopher, I find I can't choose. Some people go their whole lives without finding one love of their life. Now I have to decide between two.