Inspiration for An Endless Kind of Love

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“An Endless Kind of Love” (Coming October 2017) is the third in the “Kind of Love” series.

When I write, I imagine the story like a movie in my head. There are characters and scenery and it all needs to flow together to form a coherent telling that makes people lose themselves in the world I've created.

As such, here's what I imagine this book to look like if it were made into a movie:

The Setting:

Silver Springs, Colorado

A ranch turned into summer camp for foster kids.

(This is a photo of The Home Ranch outside of Steamboat Springs, CO. It fits my imaginary town and ranch so nicely!


The Cast:

(Yes, this is my oldest son. Write what you know.)

I am super excited for the release of this book! Stay tuned for more!


No Politics, Just Romance

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“Our President is _____. I ____ what he is doing!”


Don't worry, I'm not going to fill in those blanks.

My Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will remain unpolitical. They are for romance and fun, not for politics or controversy.


It's tempting to use the platform to express my ideas. Super tempting. The idea of having 5,000+ people who will hear my opinion and be swayed by my amazing political prowess is tempting. I would love my words to change the hearts and minds of the opposition and bring harmony to the political world, all through a well-place Facebook post.

Except, that's not what happens.

And it's not why you clicked like. Or why you have me on your feed. You have me on your social media radar because you like my books. (Or pictures of hot guys, which relates at least a little to my books.)

I want to make you smile. I want to make you laugh. I want to give you a way to forget the world for 2 hours while you read my book and enjoy falling in love. That has nothing to do with politics.

Do I have strong opinions on current events? Oh, heck yeah.

Am I going to make you look at them? Nope.

It's hot guys and funny quotes. It's fun questions and book related stuff.


So, here is my solemn promise not to have political posts on my social media. The most you'll get is a “GO VOTE!”

Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me without worrying what's going to pop up on your newsfeed!

I’m Leaving Kindle Unlimited.

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To my loyal Amazon readers, I am so sorry.

I'm leaving Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Why? Because Amazon isn't paying me fairly any more. They aren't paying any author in the program fairly anymore.

If you're unfamiliar with how KU works, readers purchase a subscription to the service for $9.99 a month and get unlimited reading of any book enrolled in the program. This is great for readers, and I love that people on a budget can get my books. As a reader, this is a great deal.

On the author side, it's not quite as exciting.

In order to be a part of KU, the author must only put their book on Amazon. They can't publish it anywhere else (like iBooks or Barnes and Noble). This is a missed opportunity for authors that we have to accept in order to participate. This was a tradeoff that I was willing to make.

The real issue comes with how authors are paid. Amazon pays us by the page read. There is no set page rate for how authors are paid. There is a monthly pool that authors all have to split. Amazon calculates how many pages the entire KU reader base read and then splits the pot between everyone.

Traditionally, the page rate has been around half a cent a page. That's not great, but it was workable. This month, the split came to $0.004 a page. Not 4 cents a page. Less than half a cent a page. This is the fourth month in a row that the rate has gone down, leading to a 20% decrease in pay over the past year.

How angry would you be if your boss decreased your pay by 20% while they made record sales?

For a book that is 250 pages long (which is where most of my books are) that means we earn about $1 if someone reads the entire book cover to cover. That is not anywhere near what is considered fair value.

In addition, Amazon has allowed scammers to take over their marketplace. If you go and look at the top 100 books in the store, you'll find several with the reviews saying that this book is nothing but jibberish. However, those scammers are taking their cut of the prize pool and getting the same .4 cents per page I am.

And Amazon doesn't even care.

It takes me 2-3 months to write a book. I take time away from my family to do this. I pour my heart into each novel, and with Amazon deciding to decrease my pay every month, it means that I either have to work faster and sacrifice quality, or make less money for my family.

Amazon is hurting authors. I'm actually really conflicted about this because I know this will hurt my KU readers, but Amazon is leaving me no other choice. I used to love being a part of KU, but Amazon has ruined it for me, and now my readers.

So, dear reader, unfortunately, I have to leave Kindle Unlimited.

I hate doing this to you. If you want me to come back, tell Amazon. Tell them that they are not providing a good customer experience. Tell them that you want authors to be paid fairly. Tell them to get a grip on their business and not let fake books take all the money from real authors.

Email Jeff Bezos himself. (

If you want to help me, tell a friend about my books. Tell them I'll be on iBooks now.

Here's a link to what's been going on in the Kindle Unlimited program. It's ripe for scam artists to steal the pot and Amazon is doing absolutely nothing about it.

Scammers Break The Kindle Store

*It will take some time for all the books to come out of the 90 exclusive period on Amazon. Yours Truly is already out of KU. The rest will be following as their contracts expire.


Why I Love Kindle Unlimited

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I've seen a lot of big name authors, and small ones too, hating on Kindle Unlimited. There are some definite concerns with the program, but I want to put my experience with Kindle Unlimited up and let readers decide for themselves.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a new service that allows you to read as much as you want, choosing from over 700,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks. Freely explore new authors, books, and genres from mysteries and romance to sci-fi and more. You can read on any device. It's available for $9.99 a month and you can cancel anytime.”

That's Amazon's official answer. I picked it up myself, and I've really enjoyed it. For ten bucks a month, I get to read as many of their books as I want. Since I read a fair amount of books for research, this has helped out my book buying budget significantly. I'm still limited by the Kindle selection (as authors have to opt in to the service) but I've read more this month because I didn't have to stop and think, “Will my husband freak out at another $2.99 book charge this week?”

So, from the reader's side of things, you pay ten bucks and you get to check out ten books at a time. You don't get to keep them, but you can read them as many times as you want as long as the book is enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program. It is kind of like a paid library with the option to buy if you want.

The Author's Side of KU

A little bit of back-story is necessary. To start, you need to know how Amazon authors are normally paid for sales.

We get 70% royalties on anything priced $2.99-$9.99, and 35% on anything below $2.99 or above $9.99. (This is why you see most books priced at 99cents or $2.99. The price point of $1.99 just isn't viable with this pay scale.)

Thus, for a $2.99 book, the author earns about $2. Most indie books are priced here since it's a nice sweet spot.

In order to become part of KU, authors must be exclusive to Amazon. This means they cannot have their e-books available on any other retailer (like Apple or Barnes and Noble). There are some authors that were allowed in to KU without having exclusivity due to their popularity. For the rest of us, if we make our books exclusive with Amazon, called KDP Select, we do get some benefits other than being in KU. For every 90 day enrollment period, a book gets 5 free days, Prime borrows (from Amazon Prime members), and a couple other sale opportunities.

Amazon is the largest book seller in the world, but for authors who have a strong presence on other retailers, going exclusive can be a difficult choice. Do you risk your sales on other retailers for the opportunity to get KU borrows and KDP Select benefits?


Once an author is exclusive with Amazon and part of KU, they can earn borrows. An author gets paid when a reader selects their book and reads at least 10%. At the end of the month, Amazon tallies up how many borrows each author earned and then how many borrows there were in the entire store. This is the part that authors get squeamish about because the amount paid changes every month based on the amount of total borrows, and there is no guarantee as to how much it will be.

Amazon pays all the borrows out of one large pot. The KDP Select Global Fund usually starts out around 3 million dollars, but since KU began, they have added extra funds each month due to the popularity of the service. This is more than a little nerve racking for authors as we honestly have no clue what we are going to be paid that month. (and the fact that we don't find out until the 15th of the NEXT month)

For example, using the 3 million dollars as the prize pool, if only 3 books are borrowed in the entire KU service, then each borrow would receive 1 million dollars. If 6 million books are borrowed, then each book only receives 50 cents. This volatility, with no set bottom or upper limit, understandably makes authors very anxious.

KU has only been around for a few months, and during that time it has paid out between $1.33-$1.80 per book. October was the most recent month and paid at $1.33.

KU For Me

I'm sure you've all seen the posts saying that KU pays authors peanuts. That it's a raw deal for authors or that it just isn't fair. And to be honest, seeing $1.33 royalty instead of $2 or even $3.50 smarted a little until I realized that KU brought me more borrows than I ever would have had of sales. KU brings volume. If you think of it as KU buying books at wholesale, and thus selling way more of them because of it, things start to look a lot better. $1.33 sold 4 times (earning $5.32) instead of one sale at $4.99 (earning $3.50) isn't a bad deal.

There are those that say that KU is destroying the market and devaluing books. That if you're not enrolled in KU, you won't make it. This simply isn't true. One of my good friends just made the NYT best seller list for the first time and she isn't exclusive. KU has certainly changed the landscape, but it hasn't destroyed it. The service has only been around since July, so the market and reader's expectations are still struggling to catch up. 

I've been exclusive to Amazon for a long time in order to take advantage of the benefits of KDP Select. It was a no-brainer for me to enroll my books in KU, as I was already exclusive. My sales on other retailers have always been far, far lower than on Amazon. Plus, I love being able to use my free days.

I had my best month ever in October, and it was due to KU.

With two books hitting Amazon's Top 100 list (Barefoot Kisses and Hurricane Kisses) and Saltwater Kisses getting close to breaking into the list for the third time, I was the 10th best selling author in KDP Select.

This October,
I gave away close to 100,000 free books.

61% of all my books sold were actually borrows.

Due to the lower royalty percentage on 99 cent books, 66% of my earnings actually came from borrows rather than sales.

The bottom line is, I can attribute well over half of my earnings to Kindle Unlimited. Without it, I wouldn't have had the best sales month of my career. Did KU cannibalize my sales? I don't think so. Maybe some, but I think KU actually introduced me to far more readers than it cannibalized. 

Final Thoughts

For authors, KU isn't for everyone. I know that many authors don't like giving Amazon exclusivity as they feel it puts all their eggs in one basket. If Amazon decides to only pay out 3 cents next month, we would all be hosed. Amazon has had plenty of opportunity at this point to reduce the royalty rate to “peanuts” and they've never done it. I don't think they ever will. If borrows get too low, authors will drop out of the program and readers will end their subscriptions because there's nothing to read.

For readers, however, it's great! As a reader, I know I've read far more books since buying this service because I get them for “free.” I've read a couple of books I never would have bought at full price. I even read a series I had been holding off on purchasing because I didn't want to have to buy that many books. That author never would have gotten a dime of my money if it hadn't been for KU. I'm sure there are plenty of other readers out there that have experienced something similar.

People have told me that KU allowed them to read all nine Kisses books for ten dollars instead of thirty-five, and that they never would have been able to do that if it wasn't for KU. I love that people are getting to read my work at a price they can afford. 

Every month, my husband and I sit down and look at what is happening in the publishing world and figure out a plan for what we are going to do next. Will I always be in KU? I don't know. That will depend a lot on how Amazon continues to run things. Right now, it looks like I'll be exclusive for a while, and I hope that you'll continue to read my books as long as I continue to write them.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts and you can count on me working hard on my next Kisses book, due to be released in January 2015.


Krista Lakes

Happy Halloween!

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I hope you all had a fantastic and wonderful Halloween! (I know I did!)

We took my little guy Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood and he freaking LOVED it. There is nothing more adorable than a 2-year-old going up to a house, knocking on the door and then proudly saying, “twick-o-tweat!”



He made out like a bandit as people “awwed” over him (and the matching parent costumes of course!) and stuffed his little Thomas the Tank bucket full of candy. We were all dressed up as Astronauts (with orange jumpsuits) as he loves space. (You can see his space blanket here)


I promise he'll get to eat most of his candy. Just not the Almond Joys or Crackle bars. Those are Mom Tax.

(As he's already in the kitchen trying to climb up the fridge to get to it…)

Kisses From Jack

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What did Jack think of his vacation?

When I wrote Saltwater Kisses, I had no idea that it would go to the Top 100 in the kindle store for a month. I mean, I hoped it would, but every book is kind of like a lottery ticket. The first day it hit the list, I sat on the computer hitting refresh every 5 minutes just to make sure it was real and not a glitch. Even then, I kept expecting an email from Amazon saying it was all a mistake. Well, over a year later and it's still going strong!

When I was writing Saltwater, I really, really wanted to add in some things from Jack's viewpoint, but I didn't want to “Head hop”. There are some authors that can switch characters so flawlessly that I don't have to even read the heading at the beginning of the chapter to know that the voice has changed, but I wasn't sure I was one of them. Plus, I wasn't sure that it was the right choice for Saltwater Kisses to have two voices. (I'm going to go ahead and say that Top 100 status means I made the right choice!) So, I kept the entire book in first person.

But Jack's thoughts kept popping out at me.

So, as a bonus to fans, I re-wrote the first half of Saltwater Kisses from Jack's point of view.
It has Brandy, the secretary that took the photos and forced Emma to move to NY. It has the party (which means I got to bring in Owen, Robbie, Noah, Logan, and Aiden!) Rachel and Dean got to get in on the fun. (Oh how I love the brother/sister/boss/assistant relationship those two have going on!) It was a BLAST to get to go through all the current Kisses books and bring it all together 🙂

Yes, in reading it, you will see a lot of repeats from other books. That's the danger of doing the same story from another point of view (all the dialogue and actions have to match!) but hopefully, I changed it up enough that it feels familiar rather than repeated.

I hope you all enjoy this short novella from Jack. Thank you for reading!


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What I do when I’m not writing…

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Phew… It's been a crazy couple of weeks!!

I just published Barefoot Kisses (which went as high as #35 in the Kindle Store!) and now Kisses From Jack is currently on its free run (ending 8/15/14). That's a lot of book to put out. And promo. And anxiously watch the reviews pile in. And then promo some more. Whew.

Now that it's done, I finally have some time to do some projects. After finishing those two books, my brain needed a creative, non-writing outlet. This is my most recent creation: A weighted sensory blanket (WITH SPACE!)

2014-10-12 09.24.29   2014-10-12 09.24.57
Front                                       Back

My son is nearly 2.5 years old (holy crap did time fly!) and he has some sensory issues. Most nights, he goes to bed in his Elmo bed, but around 2am he creeps into bed with me and snuggles until morning. The only downside is that he wants to be the center line in the letter H. We have a queen bed and he's over 3 feet tall. It gets cozy real quick.

I read about these weighted blankets giving a hugging sensation to kids through the night, and it immediately sounded like something my son could use. So I went online to go buy him one only to find they were all priced in the $200 range. For a plain blue, boring blanket. I like to quilt, so I decided to make my own.

I got the inspiration for the practical parts from Mama Smiles Blog. She has a nice diagram and explanation 🙂

For my blanket, I found two space wall hangings (from measuring 24×57 and then got a yard of the space shuttle fabric for the sides. (Each shuttle side is 7 in wide) For the weight, I found those plastic “bead” looking things that go in flower arrangements. (Not the water absorption kind, but the ones that look like bead rejects). The blankets are supposed to weigh between 10-20% of the child's body weight. My string bean child weighs right around 30lbs, so I used 5lbs of beads.

I sat down and spent a whole day doing nothing but sewing, filling, and sewing. It was fabulous 😀 $30 in fabric+ $15 in “beads”+ thread and some time= awesome blanket. It is nice and heavy. I like laying under it!

The kiddo LOVES it. He's super into space right now, so every time he sees it, he lights up and does the space shuttle countdown to BLAST OFF. (Did I mention he's only 2 years old and can count forward AND backward from 20? And knows the alphabet? No? I need to brag more… I probably just need more non-child sleep)

Tonight will be the first test to see if he will stay all night in his own bed without needing Momma snuggles in the middle of the night. Here's hoping space blanket does the trick!