The Arrangement: Miss Black

Kindle Worlds is an Amazon Sponsored fan fiction option. These novellas are set in HM Wards' “The Arrangement” series per the conditions of Kindle Worlds.

From the New York Times bestselling author of Saltwater Kisses
In the present day, Sean Ferro told Avery Stanz about his past marriage engagements. She could hardly believe that her Madam, the strict and controlling Miss Black, would have been engaged to the man of her dreams.

Miss Black once told Avery about her time as a call girl, about her one true regret: that she had held onto the job too long, that she had let the right guy slip away.

In Krista Lakes' first Kindle Worlds novella, travel back to the past with Miss Black, to a world a decade before H.M. Ward's “The Arrangement”, to a time before the tragic end to Sean Ferro's marriage. Told from Miss Black's point-of-view, this story is the first part of the story of how she came to be the Madam that we all love to hate.

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You do not need to have read all of HM Ward's The Arrangement Series in order to enjoy this novella, but it does enhance the experience!

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