Escape With Me

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There is love after 40.

They say life begins after 40, but Cassie ain't feelin' it. Divorced and feeling trapped by her job, she wants to let loose for her friend's tropical beach wedding. She decides to let her hair down and get a little unpredictable. That's when she meets a handsome bartender, Wyatt.

Despite a few grey hairs, Wyatt's the liveliest man that Cassie has ever met. She knows that there's got to be more to his life story than just being a bartender, but this is just supposed to be a vacation fling. And after sunny days spent breaking all the rules on the beach together, Cassie realizes that nobody has ever listened to her the way that Wyatt does.

His carefree life is enviable, his kisses are intoxicating, and she can almost imagine a life with him. But all vacations come to an end. And when Cassie invites him to visit her hometown, Wyatt reveals that he can never go back. Not to her town. Not to America. Not to civilization.

Cassie leaves, confused and heartbroken, wondering just who she got herself involved with. Suddenly, her predictable life gets turned upside down when she sees her picture splashed across the Internet. And when the tabloids come looking for the mature woman who found the lost billionaire, she has no idea what to do…

…until he comes back.

Christmas Wishes

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Cover of book shown in e-reader and print version. Words "now available in Kindle Unlimited" to the right.
Book cover: A man embracing a woman, both in winter gear. A winter wonderland is behind them. Title: Christmas Wishes
A Hallmark-worthy small town Christmas Romance now available in Kindle Unlimited!

Molly absolutely loves Christmas. Candy canes, egg nog, mistletoe, the works. She can’t get enough of it. And so it’s only natural that she works at the local Christmas store, Christmas Wishes.

But when the Scrooge-like Nicholas comes to town, looking to sell his father’s business out from under him, it looks like Molly’s dream job is disappearing. Worse yet, she’s starting to fall for Nicholas, despite everything telling her not to.

With one last chance to save the store, Molly appeals to the power of Christmas itself, attempting to convert Nicholas to seeing the beauty of the holiday. Can Christmas magic really make Christmas Wishes come true?

Fans of Hallmark Christmas movies will be swept away by Christmas Wishes, a small-town standalone holiday romance with mistletoe and magic. Grab a glass of eggnog, sit by a warm fire, and enjoy!


NEW RELEASE: Coming July 12, 2019

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The newest, hottest book of the summer by Krista Lakes! Pre-order your copy today!

Available on all major retailers

The man I love is getting married. And it isn't to me.

I've been in love with Jonathan for as long as I can remember. I loved him as a girl. I loved him as a teenager. I loved him as an adult. I love him still.

But he doesn't love me. How could he? He's a billionaire and I'm just the butler's daughter. But when I attend a party in my Gucci dress and fancy heels, he sees me in a whole new light.

And it couldn't have come at a worse time. His high-powered wedding is in two weeks.

It falls to his older brother, Christopher, to protect Jonathan from himself. As always. And this time, that means spiriting me away and tempting me with my dream job on a tropical island.

Here, I learn that Christopher is so much more than I ever gave him credit for. He gets me in a way no man ever has. His body completes me in ways I didn't even know possible. And the way he looks at me makes me think he could be the one.

I've always been in love with Jonathan, but now that I've been with Christopher, I find I can't choose. Some people go their whole lives without finding one love of their life. Now I have to decide between two.

Waterfall Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story

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Man holding up woman in front of waterfall. Her skirt is billowing in the wind. Book quote beside it "Even though I had written our love story a thousand times in my head, I never thought it would happen."

I love this friends to lovers romance. Leo was friends with two of the other billionaires (Sunrise Kisses and Island Kisses) in the Kisses series in college- it's where they came up with their billion dollar company idea.

Charlotte is Bastian (from Sunrise Kisses) little sister and she has had a crush on Leo since she first met him. She doesn't know it, but he's had a crush on her too. They've both never said or done anything about it because it's FORBIDDEN.

Man embracing woman in front of waterfall
"This was my secret. The one I hid from the world and even from myself. But, love was about sharing secrets and not being afraid of them. Love can't thrive where there is secrets."

But love can't be stopped. Especially when there's helicopters, tropical islands, fancy picnics, sex by a waterfall, and of course, waterfall kisses!

But love can't be stopped. Especially when there's helicopters, tropical islands, fancy picnics, sex by a waterfall, and of course, waterfall kisses!

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Sunrise Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story

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No better way to start off the day than with Sunrise Kisses…

A man and woman sitting in waves on the beach. The woman has beautiful red hair catching the sunlight. Book quote : "I've never liked the dark, but with you, it's tolerable," he whispered, his voice cracking slightly. He caressed my cheek again, his fingers soft with regret. "In fact, I think I could get used to the dark if you were there with me. Possibly even enjoy it."
I could get used to the dark with you.

This book is my retelling of a Beauty and the Beast style story. She's got to save her father from the horrible monster. There's a Gaston bad-guy character. There are loveable sidekicks. There's art. There's a deformed man who is cold at first but then warms to love.

This is part of the Kisses series! It's a standalone novel, but there are character cameos from other Kisses novels!

black and white photo of man and woman kissing on beach. Book quote: I closed the last centimeter, pressing my lips into his. His lips were so soft against mine that I forgot entirely what I was doing.
That's a good kiss.

Ava Fairchild was sure that she'd never find love.

Seemingly lost in a sea of self-pity, she was delighted when her appraisal company was given a job in the Caribbean. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to appraise Sebastian Belrose's billion-dollar estate seemed to be exactly what she needed to relax and enjoy herself.

A walk to the beach at dawn gave her a first impression of the billionaire himself, paddle boarding on the gentle waves. He was reserved and mysterious, and Ava wanted to know all of his secrets. His evasiveness and the fact that he forbade her from traveling to his Study just added to his allure, while simultaneously reminding her about the secrets that destroyed her last relationship. Still, every sunrise that they shared together made her fall more desperately in love with him.

But Bastian had a reason for keeping to himself. And as Ava saw the scars that criss-crossed his body, she knew that what she had found was a soul not unlike herself. A man who had been damaged. A man who deserved to trust. A man that deserved to love, and to be loved. Would this beauty be able to tame the beast, or would they be left with just memories of sunrise kisses?

Barefoot Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story

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A man's legs and a woman's bare legs on the beach in warm, sunset colors. 
Text: Lena Materson, I love you. Not because you're a lawyer, but because you bring out the best in me. I want you to be a part of my life.
Barefoot Kisses
Barefoot Kisses are the best kind of kisses!

Is true love fated? Is there someone in the world that was made just for you?

I think that there is and isn't fate. There is a pattern that the universe wants to follow and it will put the path in front of you, but ultimately, following the path is up to you.

Maybe there are multiple fated mates. Maybe there is only one. I do know that everyone deserves love.

Sandcastle Kisses, Hurricane Kisses, and Barefoot Kisses all share billionaires. Be sure to read the whole Kisses series to meet everyone!

Who meets Prince Charming in an elevator while carrying their broken shoe?

Lena Masterson was having a rough day.

Her coffee pot exploded, her favorite heel broke on the way to work, her computer died, and her coworker sabotaged her performance review that she should have aced. To top it all off, she had to stay late to fix someone else's mistake. So when she literally ran into a handsome stranger at work, she was fairly certain that it might actually be the worst day of her life. Instead, it was the start of something wonderful.

From the moment she nearly bowled the man over, she couldn't take her mind off of him. She didn't know anything about him, and could only assume that he was someone's assistant. Still, the encounter left her with new self-confidence. She made a move assertive enough to get the attention of her boss' boss, and be granted a new position as the personal paralegal of the head partner. This promotion soon led to an important trip to the Caribbean, where she saw a familiar face on the beach…

Everything seemed perfect when she was in Aiden's arms (other than her missing shoe), but he was holding something back. Worse, Lena was keeping a secret from him as well. She knew that she couldn't keep up her little white lie forever, but it turned out that Aiden's secret was much bigger. Much much much bigger. A billion times bigger, in fact. Even though he treated her like Cinderella at the ball, it was possible that the billionaire playboy just thought of her as one of his “flavors of the week”. After saying goodbye with one last barefoot kiss and returning to the real world, there was a burning question on Lena's mind: Did this Prince Charming love her as much as she loved him?

Hurricane Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story

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Quote: Love is simple. It's just our brains that make it complicated. If you love someone, you find ways to stay with them.
Picture of man and woman kissing on tropical beach
Love is Simple.

Hurricane Kisses is a enemies to lovers story. It's a small business owner up against a billionaire. They are stuck together because of a hurricane. There's a cute kid. A cute cat (named Spock!) and lots of smoldering, heated exchanges.

I may be strange, but I'd really like to experience a hurricane someday. I've survived several blizzards and a couple of tornadoes, so an earthquake and a hurricane are on my list. (I know, I'm weird.)

There is a cameo by the billionaire in Sandcastle Kisses in this book (don't worry, you can read them in any order)

NOTE: There are two covers for this book- one light and one dark. Read more here!

Man and woman sitting under umbrella. Both are wet.
Quote: Love at first sight is something for fairy tales. Things that can have happy endings. Love at first sight doesn't last in real life.
Rainy kisses with a billionaire sound pretty awesome

Olivia Statler hates Logan Hayes. It's not the fact that he's an executive of a rival travel company, or the fact that he's trying to buy her company, or even the fact that he won't leave her alone. Two years ago, the two of them seemed to have something that was amazing and real, but Logan's ego got in the way.

When a new resort offers her an all-expense-paid trip to woo new clients, she figures that a working vacation is just what she needs. As the youngest CEO in the travel business, she's honored and flattered. However, she isn't the only executive that the resort invited. When Olivia sees the broad shoulders and blonde hair of Logan Hayes, her heart races. Half of it is raw sexual attraction, half of it is anger at what he did to her. 

Logan is determined to reignite their past spark, but Olivia does everything possible to avoid him. However, a hurricane strikes and traps them on the island, making it impossible to ignore the changed man in front of her. Only a storm as powerful as their passion will show them love or hate. Can romance survive the storm – or will their hurricane kisses be swept away forever?

Sandcastle Kisses: a billionaire love story

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Man and woman kissing on tropical beach with quote on the side about love.
I love Izzy and Noah!

I have wanted to be a marine biologist for as long as I can remember. I found this research opportunity in Bimini and working there with the sharks is totally on my bucket list. (It's the Bahamas and not the Caribbean, but I think it's close enough!)

I love sharks. I think they are so incredibly cool and the marine ecosystem has fascinated me since I was a kid. The Shark Lab in Bimini has volunteer opportunities to work with sharks! Someday, I will be a research volunteer here!

But, since I write books about billionaires, there had to be a billionaire with a shark girl! Thus, a greedy hotel tycoon trying to take over a natural habitat was the perfect match for my marine biologist heroine!

And for those of you with small children, the name Izzy is from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. This is what happens when I try and come up with names while my children are binge watching TV.

As always, this novel is a standalone in the Kisses series!

a man and woman forehead to forehead with sunset behind them. Book quote beneath them
Sandcastle kisses, billionaires, sharks, marine biology, and love. This book has it all!

“How about this, then? I'll tell you what I do when I leave,” he said.

“Then I hope I never find out.”

When Isabel Baker agreed to moonlight as a bartender at a private party, she never imagined she'd get anything more than tips. However, on this resort island, nothing was ever that simple.

After tending bar with the deliciously handsome Noah who was flown in for the party, Izzy realized that she was about to break her number one rule: never fall for a tourist. But with his quick wit, charming smile and passion for marine life, Noah was the kind of guy that she couldn’t resist. At the end of the night, she barely managed to turn him away from coming home with her.

Noah had only come to the island for one of Jack Saunders' famous parties. Yet once he met Izzy, he couldn’t bring himself to leave. After one steamy night together, he knew that he would do almost anything to keep her.

Theirs should have been an easy love story, complete with a happily ever after. Except Noah was also moonlighting as a bartender that night and his true identity threatened Izzy’s research. When his billion-dollar company and her marine research project collide, their entire relationship crumbles into the sand. Will they be able to rebuild their beautiful sandcastle together, or will it be washed away by the rising tide, forever just a memory?

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9 of the 10 Kisses books

Freshwater Kisses: a billionaire love story

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A tropical beach with a loving couple kissing to the left. The words " I love you too, Robbie," I whispered. His fingers dropped to my chin, guiding my mouth to his. I could taste the candy on his tongue. My heart sang in my chest because Robbie loved me. And I loved him."
Freshwater Kisses: A billionaire love story
A redeemed bad boy billionaire is inside!

This book is the story of Jack's (from Saltwater Kisses) troublesome little brother, Robbie. Robbie is enjoying all the perks of a billionaire lifestyle, but none of the work.

That's until Samantha Conners comes back into his life. Sam is a long lost childhood friend, giving this book a fun friends to lovers and a second chance at love story line.

There's also a ton of really fun sailing things. I had a lot of help from a fellow author making sure I used all the terms and made the sailing realistic.

The other part that I love about this book is that it ties into Champagne Kisses. The two books have scenes that occur in both books. You don't have to read Champagne Kisses to enjoy this book, but just in case you want more of these characters!

Man and woman kissing on a boat. Text reads: This kiss is sweeter than candy. Happiness flows like honey between us, thick and wonderful. For now until the end of my days, I will remember kissing this boy, a bucket rolling at his feet, and the taste of Freshwater Kisses.
Freshwater Kisses: a billionaire love story with a fun childhood friends to lovers plot line!

His love was the wind in my sails…

Everything in Samantha Conners' life seemed to be in a holding pattern. Her sailboat racing season had fallen through, and she was stuck in a dead end job that barely covered the bills. If it wasn't for the fact that her sister and niece were depending on her, she would have never been out on the water the day the billionaire's boat ran her over.

Robbie Saunders is convinced that he is the screw-up younger brother of billionaire Jack Saunders. One of his biggest rules was to never go out drunk on the water, but with the impending death of his father, he took the boat out after drinking to try and gain some clarity. Instead, he ran over Sam and barely managed to save her from drowning.

While the two had been childhood sweethearts, time and distance had made them into different people. When fate crashed them back together, Robbie finds the fiery young woman to be the person he needs to give him motivation and direction. For Sam, Robbie is growing into the man she always knew he could be. A love blossoms and grows.

But what fate can give, it can also take away. A storm during the biggest freshwater sailing race of Sam's career changes everything. Will Sam and Robbie find a way to overcome the storm, or will the two only have memories of freshwater kisses?

Rainwater Kisses: a billionaire love story

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“I love you, Kaylee.”
-Rainwater Kisses

Rainwater Kisses is the sequel to Saltwater Kisses, however, you do not need to read them in order! They are each they're own standalone story! (All of the Kisses series are standalones that can be read in any order!)

When I first sat down to write this book, I thought I was writing a sequel to Saltwater Kisses. I was torn though. I didn't want to take away Emma and Jack's happy ending. However, I could write about Emma's older sister, Kaylee. She still needed a happy ending. And so did Jack's VP, Owen.

Sometimes a fish and a bird fall in love…
(Yes. I'm totally referencing “Ever After.”)

The older sister of Emma LaRue wasn't looking for love. In fact, the last thing Kaylee LaRue thought as she attended her sister's Caribbean wedding was that she would meet a man as confident as Owen Parker. The suave businessman oozed charm, and when that charm was directed at Kaylee, it gave her pause. She couldn't be sure if the man was actually interested in her or just interested in a good time.

In reality, Owen Parker had never met anyone like Kaylee LaRue. The quiet girl from Iowa made him forget to breathe the first time he saw her. When he tried to work his magic, her wit proved to be a match for his, and his charms had no effect. He knew what it looked like- she probably thought that he wanted to have a vacation tryst with her just as Jack Saunders had with Emma. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Kaylee tried hard not to yield to his advances, but their last night in the Caribbean was simply magical. After a passionate night spent in the arms of Owen, Kaylee ruefully observed that there was no fake wedding to keep the two of them together. As she flew home, she thought it'd be back to the same old life for her. She never expected Owen to show up at her door.

However, this small town girl wasn't sure she was ready to change for this city boy. When Kaylee tried to fit into Owen's world, everything came crashing down. In the blink of an eye, what seemed like a strong foundation suddenly found itself built on a pillar of sand. Would their relationship blossom like Jack and Emma's, or would the two of them forever be haunted by the memories of rainwater kisses?

A best selling romance novel