A Sneak Peek at Mr. Darcy’s Kiss

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Coming to all retailers Dec. 26th, 2017

I kept dancing across the dance floor, moving my hips and having fun. I could see Lydia out of the corner of my eye shaking her booty and having a great time. For once, I wasn't worried about her getting kicked out. She seemed to be behaving herself.

A cute man came up and started dancing with me. He was mid-height with blonde hair and a couple of tattoos peeking out from under his shirtsleeves. I offered my hand, and he spun me into him, putting his hands on my hips and moving with me to the music.

At first, the dance was fun. Cute-guy kept his hands on my hips, pulling me into his body and moving to the music. It was worlds away better than dancing with Collins, but then he started going too far. He grabbed my ass instead of my hips, and he didn't let me go as he thrust his pelvis into me.

I stepped away, no longer enjoying what was going on. I wanted to dance, not to be groped.

“Come on, baby,” he said over the music, flashing me what I assumed was his best smile. He was no longer Cute-guy. He was now Cute-but-awful guy. “It's just for fun.”

“I think I'm done,” I said, turning to leave, but he grabbed my hand.

“Just another dance, baby,” he cooed. “I'll behave. Until you don't want me to.”

I tried to wrench my arm from his grasp, but he was much bigger and stronger than me. I wasn't sure what to do. Should I play nice until he let me go and then run? Should I kick him in the balls? Scream bloody murder?

“She said she's done,” a strong voice said behind me. I turned to find Mr. Darcy out on the dance floor. For the first time since meeting him, I was glad to see him.

“Wait your turn,” Cute-but-awful guy told him. He still had my wrist in his hand.

“No,” Mr. Darcy said, putting his hand on my shoulder. He looked dangerous. “Either you leave now, or they help you out.”

He nodded to the three muscle-bound bouncers in black watching them. Cute-but-awful guy dropped my wrist.

“You need to chill, man,” Cute-but-awful guy said. He blew me a kiss and walked away.

I stood there on the dance floor breathing hard even though I wasn't moving. Mr. Darcy had rescued me. I knew I could have done it myself, but his method was way more effective and didn't involve bodily harm.

“Thank you,” I told him over the music.

He shrugged like it was nothing. “Want to dance?”

He held out his hand, waiting for me to take it.

I hesitated. Not because I thought he would end up like Cute-but-awful guy, or because I didn't want to. I really wanted to dance with Mr. Darcy. I wanted to dance and then do so much more than dancing. And that's what scared me.

“Okay,” I replied before I considered all the consequences. It was just a dance. What harm could a dance do?

The music changed to the next song. A steady, pounding bass beat thrummed across the dance floor like a heartbeat. My hips moved on their own to the tempo, dancing to the sultry music all on their own.

Mr. Darcy's hands went to my hips. They were strong and confident as he guided me in the motions of our dance. He knew exactly what he was doing as he put my body against his. I could feel the strength of his muscles under his jacket, and he moved with a natural grace.

The music throbbed, and I ached with it as Mr. Darcy danced with me. His hand glided down my side, teasing me with his touch while still being completely PG. The trace of his fingers left my skin tingling for more.

I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck, drawing the two of us in closer. There was nothing now but the two of us and the heavy, throbbing need of the music. His hips went slow with mine, keeping just enough distance without letting me forget where he was.

Every move was primal and sexual. Every cell in my body turned on, wanting to know what it would be like to feel this without clothes. My pulse pounded to the beat of the dance.

I bit my bottom lip, trying to keep myself grounded as I lost myself to him. Mr. Darcy was in complete control, and I was fine with that. He made every motion, every move, sexy as hell. It was sex on the dance floor and the hottest thing I'd ever experienced with my clothes on.

I looked up, my lip still between my teeth as I met his eyes.

Blue like the ocean, even in the dark of the club. They captured me and held me there, stronger than any rope. I didn't want to leave the gaze of those eyes.

Emotions that I wasn't ready for flooded through me. I wanted him. I was incredibly attracted to him. I wanted to feel his skin under my fingers and see if he was this good a dancer in the bedroom. Heat flooded my core at the thought of the pleasure he was sure to give me. I was going to give into him.

Yet, somewhere, my brain came back. I knew he was an ass. He was a jerk just looking for his next lay. In that respect, he was no better than Cute-but-awful guy. He was just a better dancer.

I stumbled back, needing to figure out why my body was so attracted to him when my head knew better. I should never have danced with him. I should never have let myself feel the strength of the man under the suit.

My heel slipped, catching on the dance floor and my balance flew out the window. Yet, I didn't fall. Mr. Darcy rescued me, yet again. He pulled me into his body, holding me directly against him. His heart pounded with mine. I heated instantly, my skin crying out for his touch. If anything, the desire this time was almost unbearable.

I looked up again, finding those ocean eyes. They held a storm that I wanted to experience. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to do so much more than just kiss him, but that seemed like a good starting point.

I licked my lips. He tipped his head, apparently thinking the same thing I was. I couldn't believe that I was about to do this, yet I wanted to so badly. My body was overriding my head and taking what it wanted.

I closed my eyes, letting myself go. This was what I wanted. A kiss to start.


Mr. Darcy's Kiss is coming to all retailers December 26th, 2017

Preorder available on iTunes—->

Inspiration for An Endless Kind of Love

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“An Endless Kind of Love” (Coming October 2017) is the third in the “Kind of Love” series.

When I write, I imagine the story like a movie in my head. There are characters and scenery and it all needs to flow together to form a coherent telling that makes people lose themselves in the world I've created.

As such, here's what I imagine this book to look like if it were made into a movie:

The Setting:

Silver Springs, Colorado

A ranch turned into summer camp for foster kids.

(This is a photo of The Home Ranch outside of Steamboat Springs, CO. It fits my imaginary town and ranch so nicely! https://www.homeranch.com/)


The Cast:

(Yes, this is my oldest son. Write what you know.)

I am super excited for the release of this book! Stay tuned for more!


No Politics, Just Romance

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“Our President is _____. I ____ what he is doing!”


Don't worry, I'm not going to fill in those blanks.

My Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will remain unpolitical. They are for romance and fun, not for politics or controversy.


It's tempting to use the platform to express my ideas. Super tempting. The idea of having 5,000+ people who will hear my opinion and be swayed by my amazing political prowess is tempting. I would love my words to change the hearts and minds of the opposition and bring harmony to the political world, all through a well-place Facebook post.

Except, that's not what happens.

And it's not why you clicked like. Or why you have me on your feed. You have me on your social media radar because you like my books. (Or pictures of hot guys, which relates at least a little to my books.)

I want to make you smile. I want to make you laugh. I want to give you a way to forget the world for 2 hours while you read my book and enjoy falling in love. That has nothing to do with politics.

Do I have strong opinions on current events? Oh, heck yeah.

Am I going to make you look at them? Nope.

It's hot guys and funny quotes. It's fun questions and book related stuff.


So, here is my solemn promise not to have political posts on my social media. The most you'll get is a “GO VOTE!”

Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me without worrying what's going to pop up on your newsfeed!




I’m Leaving Kindle Unlimited.

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To my loyal Amazon readers, I am so sorry.

I'm leaving Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Why? Because Amazon isn't paying me fairly any more. They aren't paying any author in the program fairly anymore.

If you're unfamiliar with how KU works, readers purchase a subscription to the service for $9.99 a month and get unlimited reading of any book enrolled in the program. This is great for readers, and I love that people on a budget can get my books. As a reader, this is a great deal.

On the author side, it's not quite as exciting.

In order to be a part of KU, the author must only put their book on Amazon. They can't publish it anywhere else (like iBooks or Barnes and Noble). This is a missed opportunity for authors that we have to accept in order to participate. This was a tradeoff that I was willing to make.

The real issue comes with how authors are paid. Amazon pays us by the page read. There is no set page rate for how authors are paid. There is a monthly pool that authors all have to split. Amazon calculates how many pages the entire KU reader base read and then splits the pot between everyone.

Traditionally, the page rate has been around half a cent a page. That's not great, but it was workable. This month, the split came to $0.004 a page. Not 4 cents a page. Less than half a cent a page. This is the fourth month in a row that the rate has gone down, leading to a 20% decrease in pay over the past year.

How angry would you be if your boss decreased your pay by 20% while they made record sales?

For a book that is 250 pages long (which is where most of my books are) that means we earn about $1 if someone reads the entire book cover to cover. That is not anywhere near what is considered fair value.

In addition, Amazon has allowed scammers to take over their marketplace. If you go and look at the top 100 books in the store, you'll find several with the reviews saying that this book is nothing but jibberish. However, those scammers are taking their cut of the prize pool and getting the same .4 cents per page I am.

And Amazon doesn't even care.

It takes me 2-3 months to write a book. I take time away from my family to do this. I pour my heart into each novel, and with Amazon deciding to decrease my pay every month, it means that I either have to work faster and sacrifice quality, or make less money for my family.

Amazon is hurting authors. I'm actually really conflicted about this because I know this will hurt my KU readers, but Amazon is leaving me no other choice. I used to love being a part of KU, but Amazon has ruined it for me, and now my readers.

So, dear reader, unfortunately, I have to leave Kindle Unlimited.

I hate doing this to you. If you want me to come back, tell Amazon. Tell them that they are not providing a good customer experience. Tell them that you want authors to be paid fairly. Tell them to get a grip on their business and not let fake books take all the money from real authors.

Email Jeff Bezos himself. (jeff@amazon.com)

If you want to help me, tell a friend about my books. Tell them I'll be on iBooks now.

Here's a link to what's been going on in the Kindle Unlimited program. It's ripe for scam artists to steal the pot and Amazon is doing absolutely nothing about it.

Scammers Break The Kindle Store

*It will take some time for all the books to come out of the 90 exclusive period on Amazon. Yours Truly is already out of KU. The rest will be following as their contracts expire.


Not one book, but 3!

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I have a brand new series coming on on July 3rd! To start it off with a bang for the Fourth of July, I am releasing, not just one book, but two books and a novella!


-A Forever Kind of Love

-A Hopeful Kind of Love

-A Wonderful Kind of Love

They will all be on available on Amazon and in the Kindle Unlimited program, so be sure to get your copy on July 3rd!

Hard and Deep

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I love football. I'm a Bronco's fan (born and raised) and I try to watch my “donkeys” play every Sunday.

So, I wrote a book about a sexy football quarterback recovering from a knee injury and falling in love. It was practically plotted out in my head by the end of the fourth quarter!

I hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Fall in love with my sexy bad-boy Oliver Lance and the sweet and caring Ellie. Seriously, go check it out!

Where are the Stepbrother books?

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Stepbrother Hero and Stepbrother's Gift were Amazon top 100 books, so why aren't they on Amazon anymore?

Answer: Amazon made them unsearchable, so my publisher delisted them.

As a retailer, Amazon has the right to make their algorithms whatever they want. It's annoying, but they can do it. They decided that those books were too risque for the general public and put them in the Erotica section with an adult filter to help hide them. If you searched “Krista Lakes Stepbrother's Gift” there would be hundreds of non-erotica results before you found my book. As such, no one was buying it and the rank was plummeting.

So, they were delisted them from Amazon since no one could find them anyway. I unfortunately can't put them up on other retailers because the other retailers won't accept “Stepbrother” books. I've fought for two years now with these books- they got me into a ton of trouble with Amazon (see this post here on their re-release back in May '15) The books were first released under my erotica name (which no longer exists) and got us scolded by Amazon (read about that meeting here). We had to fight for over a month to release them as Krista, and they did great, but then they were hit again.

I'm tired of fighting it. Amazon won.

So, I am very sorry but the books are no longer available. RIP Stepbrothers.

A double release!

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Holy cow guys, this month was so busy!

I released two books (I Choose You and Yours Royally) It was a bit rough, but totally worth it. I love both these books and I can't wait for readers to find them and love them too!

The idea for “I Choose You” came while playing the hit game of the summer, Pokemon GO. I love playing, and I wondered what it would be like for two people to find one another using the game. Then, being a Krista Lakes' book, it had to have a billionaire in it!

Yours Royally is the third in the Billionaire and Brides series. It got some great Cinderella vibes and a real prince (who of course is a billionaire. Have you found the theme in my books yet?) I loved writing the wicked stepmother in this book, so be sure to check out just how nasty she is! I love to hate her 🙂

Be sure to stay tuned for some new books! I'm hard at work on the 4th book in the Billionaire and Brides series, as well as a really fun stand-alone (that started as Book 4 for Billionaire and Brides, but Yours Footbally just doesn't look good on a cover!)


Thanks for reading!!

Yours Truly

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It's finally done! Baby brain was rough with this, but it is now up and available on Amazon.


Seriously, writing this while I was pregnant was rough. I knew the story and I could see the characters in my head- but I could not seem to get it on paper. I'd sit down and stare at a screen for hours- or the words would be so choppy and disorganized that I'd have to redo it all anyway.

But, the story came through! It just took me a little longer than I wanted (and the majority of it was written one the baby was on my lap rather than in it!)

I hope you all enjoy the love story of AJ and Kat. I loved writing it (once I could write)


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