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As I write this, Saltwater Kisses is number #35 in the entire paid kindle store. For those of you that don't obsessively check book ranking, or even know what it is, this is a big deal. Like SUPER big. Out of all the books being sold on Amazon, Saltwater Kisses is the 35th most popular. That means that today I am more popular today than the Hunger Games books, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, and The Fifty Shades of Grey books.   Holy fricken cow.

I am in shock. This doesn't feel real at all. Those people are real authors. I'm just having a great time writing the stories in my head while my son naps! I love that people are enjoying it half as much as they are, and I really appreciate everyone who has left a review or bought a copy. This wouldn't be possible without wonderful readers.

I am eternally grateful to the Insatiable Reads Tour for getting me going on this. If it wasn't for the AMAZING authors on the tour (seriously, check them out), I would never have gotten this written. It is because of them I even tried my hand at writing a full length novel. It is their feedback that made my cover as pretty as it is, it is their skill at cleaning up my blurb and their encouragement to keep trying.

Plus, if you sign up for some of the tour stuff, there are some AWESOME prizes (like a Kindle Fire, gift cards, free books- awesome stuff).

So, basically, I would just like to thank this dream of a week to the amazing authors of the Insatiable Reads Tour, and all of you fantastic readers. I am going to go run around the house dancing like a crazy person and wait for my alarm clock to go off and wake me from this dream.

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