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  1. I just finished Saltwater Kisses. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved Jack and Emma. I would love to read more about them. I cant wait for Rainwater Kisses to come out. Please email me when it comes out.

    Thank you


    • Be sure to sign up for my newsletter (There’s a form on the side here) and that will make it super easy for me! (and I won’t forget when the next one is ready either!)

  2. Enjoyed Saltwater Kisses band would love a sequel of Emma and Jack working things out in light of the conflict with his parents. His mom would be a great antagonist.


    • Hopefully! I have a novel in the works for the Kisses series that is taking priority in my head right now, but I would like to tell their stories as well!

  3. i love reading your books and i like how they are connected but is there going to be a book on Grace and Matt ???? and i detecting something there ?????? i hope so

    • I’m glad you caught that! 😀
      I would like to do something with them in the future, but right now I am working on a different character to continue the Kisses series… I’m in love with him already 🙂

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